IP Services

Intellectual Property Services

Copyright Registration                                                                                         Rs. 15,000

Documents Required:

  • Four Copies of work
  •  Pay order/Demand Draft
  •  CNIC of the Copyrights Holder / partners
  •  NOC from publisher in case work is already published and the publisher is different from applicant
  •  NOC from the author if the applicant is different from the author
  • NOC from the person whose picture if appears on artistic work
  • Search Report from trademark Office if the any
  • Power of attorney for Advocate
  • Any other requirement

Trademark Registration                                                                                       Rs. 15,000

Documents Required:

  •  TM-1 in duplicate Form
  • TM-48 (Power of Attorney) duly signed
  •  Six representations affixed on a strong paper of 13×8 inch
  •  CNIC of the Trademark Holder/Partners
  •  Details of goods or services required to be protected in any class
  •  Complete trade or address of holder
  •  Any other requirement

Patent Registration                                                                                               Rs. 20,000

Documents Required:

  •  Form P-1 or Form P-1A
  •  Form P-2 or Form P-2A
  •  Form P-3/P-3A
  •  Form P-28 (Power of Attorney)
  •  Drawing(s), if any
  •  Priority document
  • Specifications of the Patent
  • Pay order/Demand Draft
  •  CNIC of the Copyrights applicant
  •  Any other requirement
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